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Get an exclusive 15 second taste of MGMT’s “Optimizer” with our New Music Weekly video.
Watch the “Optimizer” at
Featured Music: "Cool Song #2" by MGMT

Video Artists: Andrew Benson, Alejandro Crawford, Emilio Gomariz, Geoffrey Lillemon & Chris Timms

"MGMT’s psyche-pop space-rock has always hinted at alien, other-wordly origins; a rich territory for the possibilities of CGI and virtual worlds. Drawing on the unnatural vibrant colours and strange and mysterious landscapes of alien worlds, each of the artists who contributed to the optimizer project presents their unique virtual illumination of MGMT’s alien origin, produced and arranged by MGMT’s live show video instrumentalist Alejandro Crawford."


Rhizome: Prosthetic Knowledge Picks - WebGL

In this submission, I take a look at a web technology that brings impressive 3D projects into the browser.

Read it here

I like it here.
After finally working out how to do a first person navigation “camera” in WebGL, I wanted to do something with procedural landscape where the terrain is dynamic and shifting as you explore. This was on the way to making something else, but I found myself wanting to stay in this space, wandering alone through the hills and valleys, and peeking under the edges. For a minute I thought I should make a game or something, but I like not having a goal here. The unpopulated digital space doesn’t feel lonely so much as quiet and solitary. The landscape is here to keep me company. GO THERE »>

infotorium asked: are you still taking submissions/toying with the idea of a radical video e-zine? i would really like to contribute /// i am no longer able to find your post about it here (maybe it got taken down?) many greetz — laskfar

Good question. I had to put that idea on the back burner. I got really into it for a couple of days and spent a bunch of time researching ebook formats and distribution methods, and got overwhelmed. It also dawned on me that I’m just too busy to do a good job of organizing and begging for writing. I still really like the concept, and kinda wish someone else would do it so I could contribute something to it. I feel like there’s something there, and should be more conversation about it.
Anyways, I took down that post because I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up that I’d be taking any immediate action on that.

This is an excerpt from a longer running, work in progress video.

WebGL Projects

I’ve been working with WebGL and Web Audio API for the past little bit, mainly to see what’s possible. Here’s a small collection of things I’ve made with in-browser graphics.

  • Radical Paintings is based on the feedback and drawing system I used to make several of my videos, but without the webcam input and with totally random colors.
  • Escape! has a similar engine, but more constrained color and with a realtime feedback FM synthesizer/sequencer built with Web Audio API. It only really sounds right on Google Chrome browser though. Web Audio is cool, but too bad there isn’t much support on other browsers.
  • Bouncy Gradients let’s you toss wiggling, bouncing gradient critters into a big pile. This uses verlet integration, which is my favorite way to make wiggly, bouncy, life-affirming motion without too much trouble.
  • I like it here is a first-person experience wandering over procedurally generated hills that shift and breathe underfoot. Run around the edges and look underneath or just stand there and watch it all develop.